Warehousing & Kitting

Kitting, Consolidation, and Packout

Our Capabilities​

• Mil-Spec Kitting

• Custom packaging development

• Shipment logistics

• Total supply chain management

• Operational flexibility

• Capability ranges from 10 components to 1,000s

• Barcoding & labeling meet Military (MIL-STD-129) & Commercial Specifications (ASTM-D-3951)

• Full EDI capabilities

• Quality inspection


Detail oriented, experienced workforce provides flexible solutions to military and industrial kitting needs

Container Logistics

12 acres to support container movement and consolidation

Surge Capacity

Strategic use of space, equipment, and personnel in the event additional products are needed to support natural disasters

Why Choose Us?

CELINA has extensive experience in the assembly of large project kits to simplify the acquisition process. Our extensive supplier base allows us to gather the highest quality components, assemble and package to support your mission. Kitting is a proven effective way to achieve air-tight inventory control and is a critical element of the lean manufacturing process. It enables the management of multiple components under a master part number while maintaining traceability of all parts. CELINA can supply you with the required components, in the amounts needed, and where and when needed with a variety of kit boxes or packaging choices.

Our commitment to quality sets the standard in the industry. Each of our kits must undergo a rigorous quality control/quality assurance analysis before leaving our facilities.

Kitting Solutions

• Military deployments
• Disaster response & relief
• First aid and trauma
• Troop field support
• Humanitarian aid