CELINA offers various camouflage colors and patterns to conceal shelters and equipment from the naked eye.

EMI Technology

Innovative Material

CELINA has launched an innovative new product with groundbreaking technology for multiple applications. The introduction of Shelter-Rite® RF™ material offers technologically advanced safety and security in situations that require a rugged and robust RF Shielded material. As technology continues to advance, electronic warfare (EW) is at the forefront of today’s military concern due to the disruptions of electronic equipment. Unwarranted electromagnetic interference (EMI) to sensitive electronic equipment is resulting in a disruption to networks and placing troops in harms way. Due to the growing risk of EMI CELINA has partnered with Seaman Corporation utilizing their Shelter-Rite®RF™ material. Combining Seaman’s Innovative material with our world-class shelters will give an EMI-protected barrier to promote safety and security.

Shielding Properties

The Radio Frequency Shielding Effectiveness and the Surface Resistivity of the Shelter-Rite EMI, fits with the military portfolio of equipment within the EMS, excluding select microwave systems (300 MHz – 300GHz). Shelter-Rite® RF™ EMI offers the following shielding properties:

Shielding Solutions

Capabilities to manufacture CELINA’s Dynamic Small and Medium Shelters, and LAMS (Large Area Maintenance Shelters) with this groundbreaking shielding fabric. However, this product is not only inclusive to CELINA shelters as it is capable of being used for preexisting products and in multiple ways whether an internal liner or tarpaulin cover.

Material Properties

• Metalized textile with resistance to puncture, tear, UV, and weather resistant properties
• Electromagnetic barrier for the sensitive electronic equipment
• Heat sealable construction