Adaptive Color & Environment
(ACE) Shelter

20’ x 33’ Adaptive Color and Environment (ACE) Shelter 

The Adaptive Color and Environment (ACE) Shelter design is distinctive for its innovative keder tensioned, reversible fabric that enables a green or tan shelter to be erected in any environment. Enabling quicker deployment, less inventory overhead, and a significant cost savings in distribution and formation of base camps.

  • Patented tan/green reversible fabric that performs to any environment
  • Durable anodized aluminum frame, lighter to transport
  • Rugged steel eave and apex joiners, add strength where it’s needed most
  • Wall and roof X-Bracing for added stability and ease of assembly
  • External accordion style vestibule provides privacy and climate control
  • High wind staking options
  • 40 minute rapid deployment, 6 man team
  • Keder tensioned fabric & liner that supports and insulates better than competitors
  • Optional energy efficient insulation package provides enhanced efficiency