Medium Shelters

CELINA’s Medium Shelter System is an all-purpose, mid-sized shelter suitable for any environment with only normal organic support provided. Medium Shelter Systems 52 feet long by 29.5 feet wide by 15 feet high (1,534 sq ft) and often used in maintenance, warehouse, storage and kitchen areas. The shelter is shipped and stored in its own containers and may be erected over soil, asphalt, or concrete.

Dynamic Shelters

30’ x 52’ Dynamic Medium Shelter

Modular system, designed to withstand 16 psf snow load, 90 mph wind load (100 mph gusts), and 4” per hour rain load with 40 mph winds. This shelter is Berry Compliant.

• Completely packs out into 463L Pallets
• Arches are lifted from ground level without special equipment
• Cross support bars connect by sliding into place
• Meets all US Military Shelter Standards

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