Dome Shelters

A modular shelter system built and designed to be completely relocatable. The rugged design adapts to changing climates and is constructed of an aluminum frame system. CELINA’s Dome shelter is available in standard configurations that supports a Tri-Lid Door or “Big Mouth Door” to house various maintenance functions.

  • 100% on-ground installation

  • Minimal tool requirements

  • Transported in (2) Bicon/10’ ISO cargo containers

  • Berry Amendment Compliant


4K Dome

• Dimensions : 69’5”W x 89’3”L, 11’ Eaves
• End Configuration: Tri-Lid end, Gable (flat) end


8K Dome

• Dimensions : 69’5”W x 116’3”L, 11’ Eaves
• End Configuration: Gable (flat), both ends

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